What is Sunrise Session?

We’re an innovative, plastic waste-free self-care brand with high hopes of changing an outdated packaging industry. Owned by the fine folks at Nohbo, we utilize disruptive, patented water-soluble technology allowing us to create biodegradable and natural products that leave no trace behind.

Why are we different?

Our patented lineup checks all the boxes - restoring, rejuvenating, and reenergizing your hair and skin while powering your present and protecting the planet.

What's a Drop? 

Drops are single use, water soluble “pods” that contain the perfect amount of shampoo, conditioner, or body wash. Just add water and they melt away.

What's a Slip? 

Slips are small sheets of water-soluble film loaded with powerful cleaning ingredients that pack a punch.

Where can Sunrise Session products be used?

On vacation. In the shower. At home. On a hike. In the middle of the woods. At your nana’s house. Before going out to dinner with your Hinge date. In a bathtub. When traveling. After using the bathroom. In the sink. All over your body. In a pinch. In your grandpa’s unnecessarily small bathroom. All over your body. Honestly, our products can be used anywhere. Just add water.

Are  Drops eco-friendly? 

Our Drops are biodegradable, natural, and ethically sourced. Dissolving with water makes them the best sustainable alternative to bottled products.

Are  our water soluble products child safe?

Our Drops do not contain any harmful or irritating ingredients. While our Drops may be safe for use as intended, we do not recommend storing them around children under 6 years of age. Do not swallow or ingest our products. Burping bubbles is no bueno.

Do Drops contain sulfates or parabens?

Nope. No sulfates! No parabens! None of the nasty stuff. Cue happy dance.

Are Drops vegan and cruelty-free? 

Yes. We only test our products on willing homo sapiens (humans), many of whom work in our Palm Bay, FL office.

Is there a Sunrise Session affiliate program?

Yes, and we’d love to have you join our team of plastic waste-preventing prodigies. To learn more, click here

Where are Drops and Slips made?

Each batch is blended and podded in beautiful Florida, the Sunshine State.

Are there any special storage requirements for Sunrise Session products?

We’d recommend that you store Sunrise Session Drops out of direct contact with water and away from humidity until you are ready to use them. If you’re struggling to keep your Drops dry and safe, you may want to check out our watertight, reusable durable.

Do Sunrise Session products come in different aromas?

Yes. Our current line of Sunrise Session Drops includes 3 different scents: Marine Algae + Shea Butter, Aloe + Sea Salt, and Citron + Vitamin C. All Sunrise Session products are scented by a special aromatic blend.

Do I need to use more than one Drop at a time?

Not typically. We’ve included enough concentrated products in every Drop to ensure a high-end efficacious personal care experience, regardless of hair or body type.

How long for a Drop or Slip to dissolve and be ready to use?

Sunrise Session Drops take around 5-20 seconds to dissolve in warm water. Once the film melts, the drop is ready for direct use. Sunrise Session Slips melt in 2-3 seconds when exposed to water and lather nearly instantly.

Should I tear the Drops biodegradable film? 

Nope. Our products are water-soluble and carefully crafted to melt upon coming into contact with water. Just place an (untorn) Drop in your cupped hands under flowing water and watch the magic unfold!

Is the outside biodegradable film on the Drop made from plastic?

The water-soluble membrane that surrounds our Drops is derived from a special polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) blend, built to rapidly dissolve. PVOH is colorless, odorless, biodegradable and non-toxic. It dissolves completely upon contact in water and any residual trace amounts are consumed by natural microbiomes found in waste-water treatment plants. This leaves no waste and no trace behind. The end-of-life result for PVOH? Air and water.

What is the product packaged in?

Tubes! Our tubes are made from Kraft paper with a matte, water-based, biodegradable finish that allows the tubes to be fully recyclable and compostable. Once finished, refill tubes with product ordered from a bulk pack, recycle your tubes, or throw them into your compost pile!

Do we ship internationally?

We currently only ship to customers in the US, Canada, and Mexico. We are working on building our international shipping infrastructure and plan to start shipping worldwide by Spring 2022.

I operate a hotel or lodging resort. How can I set up an account with you?

We’re built to handle hospitality amenity needs, big or small. Please visit our partnership page by clicking here

I have a retail store. How can I place a wholesale order?

Please visit our partnership page by clicking here

Are distributorships available for Sunrise Session products? 

Yes, we would love to explore partnership opportunities. Please visit our partnership page by clicking here