A new wave of
take-anywhere selfcare.

Born from a thousand miles of Florida beach magic, and a thousand years of humans harnessing its healing powers.

Sunrise Session was founded by Ben Stern, a Florida native and an eternal optimist, eager to turn the tide on plastic waste.

After watching an enlightening documentary about the damaging effects of plastic bottles on the planet, then 16-year-old Ben was determined to reset this throwaway mindset, starting with the not-so-caring selfcare industry.

Ben created Nohbo, a disruptive material science company that uses cutting edge water soluble drop materials that encapsulate single-use bath and body products.

Nohbo successfully appeared on Shark Tank, secured funding from entrepreneur extraordinaire Mark Cuban, and assembled a team of plastic-fatigued sustainable beauty experts, and splash—Sunrise Session was born.

From our packaging to our practices, Sunrise Session is committed to freeing humans from their plastic obsession with single-use remedies that power the present and protect the planet.


We exist to eliminate
plastic waste.

Starting with the personal care industry.



383 million units of personal care packages are produced and thrown away every day. - Zero Waste Week, 2018


The number of shampoo bottles trashed in the US alone every year could fill nearly 1,200 football stadiums. - Johnson & Johnson, 2014 


By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. - World Economic Forum, 2016 

A New Wave of Technology

Our in-house team of scientists bring earth-derived ingredients and green chemistry to the surface, transforming high-performance personal care into concentrated water-seeking drops that dissolve on the spot. No plastic waste. Just a feel-good escape.

  • Sulfate free
  • Paraben free
  • Silicone free
  • Preservative free

Let’s Collaborate
to Stop Waste

Passionate about reducing plastic? Come partner with us. Being a leader in sustainability and green personal care is more important than ever. Business News Daily reports that over 80% of consumers believe that environmentally conscious products are “extremely important.” When it comes to plastic waste, there’s little time to waste.

Why Sunrise Session?

  • Single-use products are both wasteful and inconvenient
    • Hotel-size amenity bottles get thrown out without a second thought
    • Shampoo soap bars are hard to scale and unhygienic
  • Larger refillable plastic containers leave a long-lasting plastic footprint and refills can breed microbial growth 

One 150-room hotel that switches to Sunrise Session can reduce plastic waste by 2,439 pounds a year. The bottom line: Sunrise Session is good for people, profits and the planet.

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