From the innovators behind
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Discover body care innovation with our concentrate pods, creating a full bottle of your essential products in just a minute.

Elevate Your Care: Embrace the Next Generation 

We invite you to experience our first unique line of concentrate pods for your body care needs.
Pick your base and customize further with functional additives.

Luxe Lather Body Wash
Luxe Lather Body Wash

Luxe Lather Body Wash

Our journey embraced nature, choosing coconut and sugar surfactants for their gentle cleanse. This formula becomes a luxurious gel with water, ensuring skin is hydrated.
Velvet Hydration Body Lotion
Velvet Hydration Body Lotion
Velvet Hydration Body Lotion
Velvet Hydration Body Lotion

Velvet Hydration Body Lotion

Our lotion is a celebration of nature's most potent moisturizers. We sought a formula that delivers deep hydration ensuring your skin feels velvety and nourished.

Customize Your Care:
Additive Drops for Enhanced Body Care 

Boost our foundational body wash and lotion with targeted additive drops, crafting a tailored experience for your skin.



Boost your skin's youth with Restore Drop, blending Vitamin E for hydration, Beech Seed Extract for collagen, and Nameko Mushroom Extracts for inflammation reduction.



Revitalize your skin with Hydrate Drop. Mirabelle Plum Seed Oil offers lightweight hydration, and Sake Lees extract strengthens the moisture barrier.



Enhance your skin's glow with Brighten Drop, combining Raspberry Seed Extract for even tone, and Freshwater Algae Polysaccharides to strengthen the skin barrier.



Calm sensitive skin with Soothe Drop, using Cucumber Fruit Extract for gentle cleansing and Coconut Water Herbasome for deep hydration.

How To Use: A Four Step Guide to Custom Efficacy

Grab your Forever Bottle

Begin with your Forever Bottle, a symbol of enduring elegance and sustainability.

Activate with Pod & Additive

Add a concentrate pod and an optional additive drop (to restore, hydrate, brighten, or soothe) directly into the bottle for a tailored transformation.

Awaken with Water

Invigorate your mixture by adding water, setting the stage for a magical fusion.

Shake to Unify

Seal the alchemy with a 30-second shake, blending the elements into your personalized potion of care.

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