A clean
escape is in
your wake.

Plastic waste-free selfcare
for here, there & everywhere.

Revive Shampoo Drops . $10.00+

Coconut Milk
Soap Slips . $2.00 +

Flood your body. Free your mind.
Leave no trace behind.

  • Necessity Revive
    Shampoo Drops

    Nutrient-rich seaweed nourishes, hydrates and softens strands while vitamin C-powered citron clarifies, removes buildup and energizes the scalp.

  • Necessity Restore
    Conditioner Drops

    Nutrient-rich marine algae smooths, strengthens and helps rebuild damaged strands while ultra-hydrating shea butter fortifies and replenishes the hair.

  • Detox
    Body Wash

    Vitamin-packed aloe soothes and hydrates on contact while detoxifying sea salt cleanses, exfoliates and purifies the skin.